Personal Protection Equipment

Established in 2008, Verigreen Earth is a US-based company located in Panama City Beach, Florida. We specialize in international import and export, with several offices overseas.

Since the beginning of March 2020, we have been asking ourselves: How can we keep our community safe, and keep our Covid19 cases among the lowest in the nation? How can we defend against this invisible threat without the proper protection?

We reached out to our international offices and friends, who connected us with professional manufacturers of face masks and protective apparel. The companies we work with are registered with the FDA and approved to carry the European CE mark. They are leading brands in Asia and have been in business since 1995, producing PPE for hospitals.

In April, we donated close to 41,000 face masks – most of them KN95 masks – to healthcare facilities and hospitals around the nation. We are now distributing to over 40+ companies that must stay open as essential businesses, in addition to dozens of healthcare organizations.

…what was originally a small idea, has now grown to reach several different states.

As citizens inevitably go back to work, we want to work with your business to make quality protective equipment easily available.

Keeping each other safe and healthy will unite us in these uncertain times.